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Tour: Tour


                                                       SPRING 2023


6   Trance Map (with Matt Wright and Toma Gouband) - Luxembourg
13  solo trumpet at Magnet Festival, Wiesbaden Germany 
15-19  Workshops/masterclass at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg, Germany
23  Music of the Peter Evans Quintet with Sam Pluta (electronics) and Simon Hanes (arrangements) + the Subway Big Band, Subway Jazz Club, Cologne Germany
24 Music of PE 5tet + Pluta/Hanes w/ Subway Big Band, Wuppertal Germany


5 masterclass at Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna
6 & 7 recording Lucia Dlugoszewski's "Abyss & Caress" with Ilan Volkov and Klangforum Wien, Vienna Austria

9  works for vocal ensemble with Sofia Jernberg, Cory Smythe and the vocal ensemble August 38th. Bimhuis, Amsterdam Netherlands

22  open rehearsal and performance with Yarn/Wire at Stony Brook University, Long Island NY

28 & 29  Being & Becoming at Sisters, Brooklyn


7  Rocket Science (with Craig Taborn, Ikue Mori, Sam Pluta) at Brooklyn Music School Playhouse

16 with Nick Jozwiak and Dan Weiss, Ornithology Brooklyn 

28  Evan Parker's Trance Map - Jazz em Agosto Festival Lisbon, Portugal


8-10 Being & Becoming, NYC venue tba


21  premiere of new work with Yarn/Wire ensemble at the Donaueschingen Festival, Germany


Being & Becoming Europe Tour

5 Bimhuis, Amsterdam, Netherlands
6 Nijmegen, Netherlands
7 Aachen, Germany
8 Cologne, Germany
9 Bayreuth, Germany


                                                              Spring/Summer 2022

19 - duo with Sam Pluta (live electronics), Baltimore 
24 - trio with Joe Morris & Mat Maneri @ Real Art Ways, Hartford CT
28 - duo with Elias Stemeseder (piano, synthesizers, live electronics, compositions) @ Jazz Gallery NYC


2 - Forever 21: with Andy Berman (guitar) and Michael Ode (drums) opening for Child Abuse @ St. Vitus, Brooklyn
6 - duo with Elias Stemeseder (piano, synthesizers) @ Firehouse 12, New Haven
14- Pulverize the Sound (with Tim Dahl and Mike Pride), venue TBD Brooklyn
19 - duo with Elias Stemeseder @ Austrian Cultural Forum, NYC  
26 - Ars Sublitor: Compositions for Quartet - Mazz Swift (violin, voice), Alice Tessyier (flutes, voice), Ryan Muncy (saxophones), PE (trumpets, compositions) @ Roulette. also on bill Kate Gentile and Fay Victor. 


11 - solo at Novara Jazz Festival, Novara Italy

Tour with Jure Pukl (tenor sax), Joe Sanders (bass), Nasheet Waits (drums)

12 - Bimhuis, Amsterdam 
13 - Porgy & Bess, Vienna
14 - Unterfahrt, Munich
15 -  Ljubljana Jazz Fest
16 - Opus, Budapest
17 - Villa for Forest, Klagenfurt Austria

24th - Monhem Triennale: "Hymns & Laments"
New arrangements of Ellington & Strayhorn for Ensemble Resonanz and Sofia Jernberg (voice).
Also performing/composing: Cory Smythe (piano) and Okkyung Lee (cello)


6 - The Art of Wellbeing w/Mazz Swift and Levy Lorenzo @ Lincoln Center Atrium, NYC
16 - solo at Jazz ao Largo, Barcelos Portugal
20 - solo at John Zorn's "Bagatelles" marathon, Molde Jazz Festival, Molde Norway

Stone Residency, NYC 27-30 - Glass Box theater at The New School, NYC

27 - Ensemble
        PE (trumpets, compositions), Alice Tessyier (flutes, voice), Immanuel Wilkins (saxophones),          Nick Jozwiak (bass), Levy Lorenzo (percussion), Sam Pluta (live electronics)

28 - Trio with Mat Maneri and Nick Jozwiak

29 - Duo with Elias Stemeseder (piano, synthesizers)

30- Solo
6 - solo, Brooklyn. Contact for details
20- Nick Jozwiak's "Seek & Destroy" w/ Andy Berman, NJ, Michael Ode - Bushwick, NY

22-25 Being & Becoming @ Sisters - 900 Fulton St, Brooklyn NY
A reprise of our residency back in December '21
PE- trumpets
Joel Ross - vibraphone
Nick Jozwiak - bass
Michael Ode - drums

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