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27 - live recording with Elias Stemeseder at the Record Shop, Red Hook, Brooklyn NY

9 - duo with Elias Stemeseder, Austrian Cultural Forum NYC
17 - solo at Moods, Zurich Switzerland
22&23 - "Hymns and Laments" - arrangements for voice and string orchestra with Sofia Jernberg, Cory Smythe, Okkyung Lee and Ensemble Resonanz. Elbephilharmonie, Hamburg Germany


11 - new project with Jon Irabagon, the Stone NYC
16 - Being & Becoming (with Joel Ross, Nick Jozwiak and Michael Ode) at Roulette, Brooklyn NY
24 &25 duo with Sam Pluta, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

5 - premiere of new work by Mazz Swift at Roulette, NY. Also featuring Alice Teyssier and Cory Smythe
11 - battle of the bands at Pioneer Works, Red Hook Brooklyn. My group Symphony (Alice Teyssier, Nick Jozwiak, Levy Lorenzo) will be squaring off with Simon Hanes' group GNR8RZ (with Anthony Coleman, Aliya Ultan & Calvin Weston) Mary Halvorson will be playing a set as well. 

6- Trance Map (with Matt Wright and Toma Gouband) - Luxembourg 
15-19 - Workshops/masterclass at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg, Germany
23 & 24 - music of the PE Quintet with Sam Pluta, Simon Hanes and the Subway Big Band, Cologne Germany
31 - Natt Jazz Festival, Bergen Norway


5-7 recording Lucia Dlugoszewski's "Abyss & Caress" with Ilan Volkov and Klangforum Wien, Vienna Austria

9 - works for vocal ensemble with Sofia Jernberg, Cory Smythe and the vocal ensemble August 38th. Bimhuis, Amsterdam Netherlands

24 - open rehearsal with Yarn/Wire at Stony Brook University, Long Island NY

28 - Jazz em Agosto with Evan Parker and Co. Lisbon, Portugal


22 - premiere of new work with Yarn/Wire ensemble at the Donaueschingen Festival, Germany


                                                              Spring/Summer 2022

19 - duo with Sam Pluta (live electronics), Baltimore 
24 - trio with Joe Morris & Mat Maneri @ Real Art Ways, Hartford CT
28 - duo with Elias Stemeseder (piano, synthesizers, live electronics, compositions) @ Jazz Gallery NYC


2 - Forever 21: with Andy Berman (guitar) and Michael Ode (drums) opening for Child Abuse @ St. Vitus, Brooklyn
6 - duo with Elias Stemeseder (piano, synthesizers) @ Firehouse 12, New Haven
14- Pulverize the Sound (with Tim Dahl and Mike Pride), venue TBD Brooklyn
19 - duo with Elias Stemeseder @ Austrian Cultural Forum, NYC  
26 - Ars Sublitor: Compositions for Quartet - Mazz Swift (violin, voice), Alice Tessyier (flutes, voice), Ryan Muncy (saxophones), PE (trumpets, compositions) @ Roulette. also on bill Kate Gentile and Fay Victor. 


11 - solo at Novara Jazz Festival, Novara Italy

Tour with Jure Pukl (tenor sax), Joe Sanders (bass), Nasheet Waits (drums)

12 - Bimhuis, Amsterdam 
13 - Porgy & Bess, Vienna
14 - Unterfahrt, Munich
15 -  Ljubljana Jazz Fest
16 - Opus, Budapest
17 - Villa for Forest, Klagenfurt Austria

24th - Monhem Triennale: "Hymns & Laments"
New arrangements of Ellington & Strayhorn for Ensemble Resonanz and Sofia Jernberg (voice).
Also performing/composing: Cory Smythe (piano) and Okkyung Lee (cello)


6 - The Art of Wellbeing w/Mazz Swift and Levy Lorenzo @ Lincoln Center Atrium, NYC
16 - solo at Jazz ao Largo, Barcelos Portugal
20 - solo at John Zorn's "Bagatelles" marathon, Molde Jazz Festival, Molde Norway

Stone Residency, NYC 27-30 - Glass Box theater at The New School, NYC

27 - Ensemble
        PE (trumpets, compositions), Alice Tessyier (flutes, voice), Immanuel Wilkins (saxophones),          Nick Jozwiak (bass), Levy Lorenzo (percussion), Sam Pluta (live electronics)

28 - Trio with Mat Maneri and Nick Jozwiak

29 - Duo with Elias Stemeseder (piano, synthesizers)

30- Solo
6 - solo, Brooklyn. Contact for details
20- Nick Jozwiak's "Seek & Destroy" w/ Andy Berman, NJ, Michael Ode - Bushwick, NY

22-25 Being & Becoming @ Sisters - 900 Fulton St, Brooklyn NY
A reprise of our residency back in December '21
PE- trumpets
Joel Ross - vibraphone
Nick Jozwiak - bass
Michael Ode - drums


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