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"Peter Evans doesn’t play trumpet so much as survive it. I’m surprised he walks away from the experience unscathed. He blows like a man living on borrowed time, as if he’s thrown himself on a live grenade and has but a few desperate moments to divulge a deep well of secrets—You’ve got to hear this! And this! And this and these…and these…so much to say, so little time—and are you listening?...Witnessing Evans push so many ideas through his mouthpiece is like watching traffic funnel into the Holland Tunnel, but this isn’t a matter of cars crawling along, lurching forward. Evans has six—or eight or twelve—lanes of ideas barreling ahead, accelerators stomped to floorboards, yet somehow converging, blurring into one stream." — Mike Faloon, The Other Night at Quinn's

"A testament to the distinctive space (Peter Evans) has established along the experimental border between jazz and new music (and) highlights the creative discipline he has brought to the contemporary scene. His reputation among freethinking trumpet players is ironclad, a function of superhuman precision and a trailblazing technical vocabulary." — Nate Chinen, New York Times

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