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SYMPHONY was conceived through years of working with players from the field of contemporary notated music whose' interests extend to improvisation, composition, multi-instrumentalism and electronic music. The musicians in the ensemble are each accomplished soloists in their own right:  Alice Teyssier (flutes, vocals), Nick Jozwiak (bass, electric bass, cello), Levy Lorenzo (percussion, live electronics). The group was formed in 2022, a natural extension of Evans' work with his Ensemble (2016-18), the album Horizons, as well as his work with groups like Wet Ink, The International Contemporary Ensemble, Yarn/Wire, and others. Influences for the group include composers such as Filo Machado, Helmut Lachenmann, Jerry Goldsmith, Lalo Schiffrin, and the Art Ensemble of Chicago. 


The music of SYMPHONY ranges from expansive multi-movement works to short improvisational springboards, as well as arrangements of music by others. 


Photos by Merve Kayan and Walter Wlodarczyk


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